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Calico Adds QB3 to its Lengthening List of Partners


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Calico Adds QB3 to its Lengthening List of Partners

by Ricky Piper Published on 24th Mar 2015

by Ricky Piper Published on 24th March 2015

Further to last week's announcement of a partnership with Harvard and MIT's Broad Institute, Google-backed Calico has now added California-based  QB3 (California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences)  -  a consortium of more than 250 scientists at UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz to its expanding collaborator base. 

The two companies have announced a four-year partnership in which they will 'jointly explore the science of longevity and age-related diseases.' According to reports, Calico will provide the funding for the research in return for the right to licence any future discoveries. 

LIFEmag Summary:

Calico hasn't been particularly forthcoming thus far with information regarding the company's overall strategy, however, recent announcements and partnerships seem to suggest that the focus is very much on funding research into combating specific age-related diseases in return for the right to commercialise any resultant treatments. 

What Calico plans to do regarding life extension in an overall sense is still unkown, but the level of activity in recent months suggests that a strategy is in place and being acted upon at quite a pace.

Read the full announcement here