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Cell Division Research Expected to Lead to Containment of Cancer Cells and Regenerative Medical Treatments

by Published on 14th Apr 2015

by Published on 14th April 2015

For the first time, researchers have managed to replicate the contractile ring which is created in the interior wall of a cell membrane during cell division - a development being hailed as of significant importance to biology and medical science, and integral to the pursuit of eradicating age-related disease. 

LIFEmag Summary:

Life is defined by the process in which organisms grow and develop through the regenerative ability of cell division, and thus, researchers at the Waseda Bioscience Research Institute in Singapore claim that if cell division can be fully understood, it will become possible to control this process. As a result, medical treatments can be developed which for example, prevent cancer cells from multiplying and promote the propagation of healthy cells. 

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