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Could Expanding our Senses Aid Longevity?


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Could Expanding our Senses Aid Longevity?

by Ricky Piper Published on 14th Apr 2015

by Ricky Piper Published on 14th April 2015

In a recent TED Talk neuroscientist David Eagleman explains how expanding our sensory input can allow our brains to know more aspects of reality, which in turn, could provide great benefits for medical science.

LIFEmag Summary:

Eagleman, who says “our experience of reality is constrained by our biology" has, from his research into our brain processes, sought to create new interfaces  - such as a sensory vest -  which allow us to take in previously unseen information about the world around us. 
According to a spokesperson for the Palo Alto Alto Longevity Prize via social media, this principle could perhaps be used to "retrain danger signals that are misperceived, ie. allergies, autism, EMF, cell danger responses etc", highlighting the potential for such developments in sensory technology to assist in combating diseases which negatively impact upon our lifespan.

Watch the video here