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Google announces Calico to sit under new Alphabet holding company

Published on 11th Aug 2015

Published on 11th August 2015

As announced today, Calico, formerly Google's foray into longevity research and development will now sit (slightly) more independently under the corporation's newly formed holding company, Alphabet.

In explaining the move, joint-founder and CEO Larry Page explained that Google companies 'far afield' of their main internet products will now be contained under Alphabet instead. The idea - to make Google as a whole
 'cleaner and more accountable,' and allow for 'more management scale,' as ventures which aren't particularly related can be 'run independently.'

What this means for Calico itself, we'll have to wait and see, but in terms of 'accountability', perhaps we'll see a more transparent and forthcoming Calico once it begins to operate outside of the Google umbrella. 

Read the full press release here