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How Health-Monitoring Technology Can Be the Key to Longevity


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How Health-Monitoring Technology Can Be the Key to Longevity

by Published on 17th Apr 2015

by Published on 17th April 2015

Scientists believe that using wearable devices to monitor our physical condition can be key to helping prolong healthy lifespan. 

Easily available health-monitoring technology which already exist such as smart watches and myriad applications on mobile devices ensure that we have access to more information about our health than ever before. Using these devices to regularly monitor our physical condition, as well as new technology currently under development, will, according to several scientists, be key to helping prolong healthy lifespan both now and even more so in the future.  

The belief is that whilst chronological age and genetic composition remain determinant factors in how long a person will live, technology can motivate us to adopt a healthier lifestyle and thus push the boundaries of our longevity. 

Dr. Walter M. Bortz, a clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine who teaches a course on the science of longevity, believes that such technology is developing so rapidly that within just a few years we will see developments like step-counters embedded in our shoulders. However, he also warns that regardless of technology, these devices will have little or no impact upon our lifespan unless they are matched with increased physical activity: "wearing 10 monitors on your body isn’t going to do a thing unless we change our behavior"

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