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Is aging inevitable?


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Is aging inevitable?

by Valentina Lencautan Published on 27th May 2015

by Valentina Lencautan Published on 27th May 2015

In a TED Radio special broadcast entitled ‘The Fountain of Youth’, a range of prominent figures from the field of longevity have engaged in a debate and discussion on a number of topics related to life extension and how we can live better and longer lives.

During the hour long show, longevity expert Dan Buettner discusses what we can learn from supercentenarians and 'Blue Zones' - communities made of elders who have the longest lifespan on the planet.

Aubrey de Grey, chief officer of SENS Research Foundation, argues for greater research into finding the causes of aging and establishing treatments to prolong life.  

Cynthia Kenyon, vice-president of Google Calico talks about a genetic mutation that can double the life of a worm, a discovery she hopes will be able to extend human lives in the future.

Harvey Fineberg, medical ethicist and health policy decision-maker, looks at the way technology will change the way we evolve; anticipating the coming of “neo-evolution”, and analysing the consequences of eliminating disease through gene-therapy.

Before Isabel Allende, 70 year old novelist, plays the role of devil’s advocate by asking if aging is really so bad?

Listen to the full show here