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New anti-aging drug to be tested in patients with diabetes


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New anti-aging drug to be tested in patients with diabetes

by Valentina Lencautan Published on 18th Jun 2015

by Valentina Lencautan Published on 18th June 2015

In an article published in, Erika C. Hayden looks at one of the most promising age delaying drugs, rapamycin, and metmorfin, the legitimacy of which will be discussed in the future meeting between scientists and US Food and Drug Administration on June 24.

Physicians conducting the research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York argue it is time for life-extending drugs and treatments that could prolong a person's healthy years to be approved by the government. Dr. Nir Barzilai sustains this can be done by slowing down the process of ageing: “What we want to show is that if we delay ageing, that's the best way to delay disease.”

A new trial called TAME (Targeting Ageing with Metformin) will be carried out over 5-7 years, in which thousands of patients who suffer from conditions such as cancer, heart disease and cognitive impairment will be given metformin. If successful in proving that the drug can forestall ageing, the trial would prove ageing to be a disorder and would accelerate raising funds for further research. A significant development.

A similar test, sponsored by the NIA, titled Interventions Testing Program, discovered that drug rapamycin not only prolonged life in mice, but also, in the form of an influenza vaccination, managed to strengthen the immune system of elderly people.

Metmorfin, a drug that has been in use for 60 years, known to regulate glucose by the liver and increase sensitivity to insulin, already has a history in prolonging lifespan in worms and mouse strains. The test, combined with data processing hopes to demonstrate metmorfin can have a significant impact upon the ageing process in people and the development of treatments to increase healthy lifespan. 

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