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'Supercharged' Genomics


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'Supercharged' Genomics

by Ricky Piper Published on 28th Apr 2015

by Ricky Piper Published on 28th April 2015

A "supercharged" approach to human genome research could see as many health breakthroughs made in the next decade as in the previous century, according to Brad Perkins, chief medical officer at Human Longevity Inc.

Speaking at the recent WIRED Health 2015 event in London, Perkins claimed that the convergence of four trends: '
the reduction in the cost of genome sequencing (from $100m per genome in 2000, to just over $1,000 in 2014), a vast improvement in computational power, the development of large-scale machine learning techniques and the wider movement of health care systems towards ‘value-based’ models' are making it easier than ever to analyse human genomes on a grand scale.

In using the same techniques used to analyse disease in the previous century but on a far larger and faster scale, the belief at HLI is that their research will eventually be able to identify the root causes of aging, and develop treatments able to significantly extend healthy human lifespan.  

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