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Why aging should be classed as a disease

by Valentina Lencautan Published on 26th May 2015

by Valentina Lencautan Published on 26th May 2015

In a recent research paper published in Frontiers in Genetics, academics from Belgium, Sweden and the UK have proposed that aging has been mistakenly categorized as a natural process, and should in fact be classified as a disease. In line with the view of advocates of life extension, this means that aging warrants far greater research, and like all other diseases, medical treatment.

Using the criteria of diseases as 'abnormal conditions', the principal contention of the opinion piece is that as aging affects us arbitrarily and has 'no purpose', it is less a natural biological process than a condition which requires treatment. 

If the aging process were to be recognized as the main cause of chronic disorders, governments would then inevitably accelerate the development of geroprotective drugs and regenerative medicines and provide increased support to biomedical research in the field. The authors believe that this would rescue inefficient healthcare systems and lead to more investment in treatments to extend healthy lifespan.

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