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Will Humans Ever Live 200 Years?


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Will Humans Ever Live 200 Years?

by Ricky Piper Published on 10th Apr 2015

by Ricky Piper Published on 10th April 2015

In light of the recent passing of 116-year old Gertrude Weaver who had held the title of world's oldest woman for a brief 5 days, Eric Niiler of Discovery News looks at current progress in the field of longevity and the potential to extend lifespan to 130-200 years and beyond. 

LIFEmag Summary: 

Niiler's article touches upon many of the main and contentious points surrounding longevity, the most significant being that whilst many scientists believe studying the genes of super agers holds the key to prolonging lifespan, others feel that neither this research nor any amount of investment can 'push the human lifespan beyond its limits.' 

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